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Style Police and Husbands

The only issue with summer is that English men begin to get their legs out and need a little encouragement as to what is and is not acceptable to wear with shorts………Recent text to my lovely husband..

“Style police out to get Pete……don’t care how long we’ve been married, you do NOT wear black socks with shorts, get back home and change them NOW or I’ll leave your saddlebag outside the teepee!!! You are married to me sweetie that means certain standards have to be kept, this is not one of them. Thought you’d have learnt by now, if not, consider this a little positive reinforcement”

It gets even better when you decide that your partners need a little encouragement into becoming a little trendier on the clothes front.  First step is to order the clothes, the second step is to get them to try them on which can be a huge challenge in itself, recently an order arrived from GAP…

Conversation this evening when my husband opened the parcel from Gap:
“I only ordered one pair, where did all these come from?”
“I ordered more, those jeans are dreadful and you need to trendy up a bit”
Medium sized daughter adds “he’s 51 he can’t be trendy any more”
“He’s 52 and yes he can be he’s married to me, he has no choice”
“Bloody hell these are pink, they yours?”
“They’re red and they’re for you, try them on, take the socks off first”
“Why do I have to take my socks off?”
“Cos pants and socks on their own look bloody awful, take the socks off”
“I. In the comfort of my own home, I can keep my socks on if I want to”
“No you can’t, you’re married to me, take them off”..*takes socks off sulkily* “now try the red ones on”
“They’re not red they’re flourescent bloody pink”
“I like them”
“I’m not wearing them” *tries purple ones on*
“I like those too”
“They’re better than the red ones so ill keep them”
YES, liked the purple ones in the first place but Pete would’ve whinged about those if he hadn’t hated the red ones as much, of course I got what I wanted, still like the red ones though…

There you go, how to get what you want, order something so vile that they will then compromise on the alternative which is the one you wanted them to wear anyway, wife power, yeay.  Now for the shoes…..