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Dangers of picking elderflowers

I get so excited it’s silly when I see elderflowers in full bloom, in fact, it gets to the stage that I have to stop myself pulling the car up in dangerous places to jump out and pick the sweet scented blooms and rush home to make elderflower cordial.

Sieve the cordialLast week I nicked off work (I work from home and for myself so I get to nick off occasionally) and cycled up to Bledlow armed with my rucksack and secateurs to pick some.  Only problem was I grabbed my lovely road bike, my gorgeous turquoise bianchi and completely forgot that the last bit is across fields.  Thankfully my lovely hubby, Pete, wasn’t around or I would have had a major ‘talking to’ about

“you’ll break your wheel”

“it’s not designed for off road”

“you’ll bust some spokes”

Yeah, yeah…..anyway it coped brilliant, no busted spokes or wheels just me!

When going off road on a road bike and wearing spuds you have to remember to unclip when you stop…….straight over into a hedge full of nettles, this was just before filming making elderflower cordial and I literally had an armful of nettle stings, plus a whopping great bruise on my knee and tram lines up my other leg from falling into the chain.  I am sooo grateful for maxi dresses.

So ladies, beware, being a ‘hedgerow witch’ has its drawbacks, it may help you lose weight by cycling but it means that after you’ve lost the weight you can’t get your legs out anyway cos they’re covered in massive bruises.

Elderflower Cordial

Go make it anyway, it’s delicious,