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Malteser Ice Cream

ice cream of childhood, topped with extra Maltesers.  You could make the sugar free version but let’s face it Maltesers are packed with sugar anyway so you’ll cut down the total sugar content but you have to decide if it’s worth it!

1 quantity Ice Cream Base or Sugar Free Ice Cream Base
2 tbsp ovaltine
large bag of maltesers

  1. Make up a batch of my Ice Cream Base or Sugar Free Ice Cream Base.  Chill.
  2. Remove the base from the fridge, stir in the ovaltine and churn in an ice cream maker.
  3. Roughly chop most of the Maltesers, leaving some whole and chill in the fridge.  Once the ice cream is almost ready – holding it’s shape but still soft – stir in the chopped Maltesers.
  4. Transfer the ice cream to a tupperware container and freeze until solid.  Serve with extra whole Maltesers