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Chocolate Lipsticks

My middle daughter is 15 years old tomorrow, so I figured this was a good excuse to have a go at making chocolate lipsticks.  MSK Ingredients, makers of molecular gastronomy powders and equipment, have the molds in stock and although they are pretty horrendously expensive I’ve been itching to have a play with these for ages.  Perfect excuse.

I tempered white chocolate, mixed in some red fat-based food colouring, filled the molds and let them set.  I panicked a little as the chocolate seeped in between the moulds.  When they set the molds came apart OK and there were only slight ‘edges’ to the sides of the lipstick that needed finely shaving off.  Popped them into the lipstick holder and ta da, pink-red chocolate lipsticks that twist up like proper ones, they look fab.

The boys are having popping candy filled chocolate skulls.

Let’s see what the girls think tomorrow when they have these in their party bags.  Next step is to try using some of the molecular powders to make lipstick gels, lipstick sorbet and other yummy things.