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Camp Bestival – Food on Saturday

We got to bed around 1am, with the teenagers and Dads getting in around 3am after the silent disco which apparently was rubbish.  Morning dawned lovely and sunny and out came breakfast, Grant totally showed us up with:

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese bagels

We had a measly selection of pain au chocolat, croissants, waffles and cheerios of with crepes and sugar and lemon which were not great. But we did have the new Myspressi Twist show off coffee maker with nitrogen capsules, OMG total show off coffee making on a campsite, sorry Grant, that blows your smoked salmon out of the water.

Lunch was on site at Chapati Man, our regular meeting spot throughout the week, listening to Jimmy Cliff and Rizzlekicks (brilliant) back for afternoon tea at the tent with homemade cakes then supper out at the Young British Foodies place.  The standard of food, as always, was amazing, Scallops with Garlic Mash – this is a festival for goodness sake, so middle class it’s untrue but exquisite.

The headline group for Saturday were Chic, didn’t catch them as eating supper, Earth Wind and fire and then Kool and the Gang, bit too much of a good thing, could have done with one of them rather than all of them, Kool and the Gang were on at 9.45pm and were a bit boring for a headline Saturday night, more Sunday afternoon lazy music and after Rizzlekicks they just didn’t cut it.

Unfortunately the wind started up and it got cold so we huddled in Pig’s Big Ballroom and caught the amazing Ethan Ash, the girls went back on Sunday night for his other set, he’s really good. Then headed over for DJ Yoda’s set, now this was good, way better than Kool and the Gang and Grant and I wished we’d gone straight there and not bothered with the Castle Stage.  We’ve had this before and really should listen to ourselves in future and just hang out at the big top.

To finish off the evening Small Boy and I retired to the top of the double decker bus at midnight for hot chocolate and toast, heaven, we weren’t first to be though, got back to find Medium Sized girl already tucked up with rolling pin in hand with the ‘what time do you call this?’ routine – Mums, you just can’t get proper ones!