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Camp Bestival – Sunday, last day, sigh

Feeling sad on Sunday as it’s the last day, love this event, it’s just so relaxing, in fact it was so relaxing I realised that I had absolutely no recordings for my BBC Oxford show Feeding the Family and I ought to get my finger out and DO SOME WORK WOMAN! So I attacked my mates Laiyee and Spencer and got some brilliant material from them, great advice on food from Laiyee and fab tips on camping cooking kit from Spencer, going to go and buy one of those triangia cooking stoves, they sound like the ultimate in camping stuff.  However, this is what happens when you leave the kids in the tent and nip off for 20 mins……

I have come to realise that the key things you need when you go to festivals to sort out the food are:

1.  My mate Grant

2.  Lots of money to spend on the amazing food so you don’t have to cook

3.  If you want to cook you need WINE, in cartons from M&S or Tesco, or a box, but that may be a little too much, OK, OK, let’s stop being silly, I’m supposed to be writing about feeding the family and trying to put on a sensible front, but let’s be realisic and change that – once of those whacking great big cartons from the supermarket, preferably red as you won’t be able to keep white chilled unless it’s flipping freezing, or one of each just in case it’s cold.

4.  Proper camping cookware and a triangia (is that how you spell them?).  Pre cook, chill quickly and freeze the meat/poultry/fish then heat it through thoroughly until it’s piping hot and serve.


Ren Harvieu was amazing, so need to get her album

The early edition was great for a Sunday morning

Michael Winslow – brilliant and the kids loved him, we were all in stitches

Rolf Harris, really disappointed we were looking forward to seeing him the most but couldn’t hear a word as the sound wasn’t working properly, bad show Camp Bestival

Ethan Ash – watch out for this guy, brilliant.

Fairy Free Hugs – the lovely Amy who was dressed as a fairy giving hugs out to everyone, lovely, lovely, lovely

Best bit of the whole weekend was Dick and Dom, Bogies! They were on in East Lulworth and yes I was the adult shouting Bogies at the back, don’t care, I love them.  Sneaked round the back of the stage and armed with my BBC mic I managed to get an interview with them for BBC Oxford. Made my weekend, their tips on food at a festival, something that is easily transportable, food safe, will last the weekend,  has all major food groups and 5 portions of veg………….Pot Noodle.  Thanks guys, you were brill.  Later on Sunday we were mooching around when a chap tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Hi, good to see you again, you enjoying yourself?’ – Dick, my kids were impressed!  New best friend, not sure he knows that though.

To round off the night were Happy Mondays, not my thing, should have gone with the teenagers to see Ethan Ash again but Blues Brothers were amazing, then off to the double decker for hot chocolate and toast with small boy before bed.

A damned good weekend, counting down to next year.

Ooh and the flying cow, that was class