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Camp Bestival Food – Friday night

First night at Camp Bestival, on the menu:

festival essentialDaisy made these

Afternoon tea with homemade brownies by Daisy, carrot cake and fairy cakes by Grant and flapjack by me (the one on my APP) with cups of either Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea.

Olives, posh crisps and red wine out of a pouch, not bad, although it was M&S so you’d assume it was good quality. Then down to the proper cooking,

Thai Green Chicken Curry with boil in the bag rice

Chicken Fajitas for the children

Now Grant and I approached the fajitas in two different ways, Grant  precooked his and chilled them, I decided that it was safer from food safety viewpoint if I cut the raw chicken to size and froze it then it would defrost slowly throughout the day in the cook box.  They both worked but my way took about 45 minutes to cook from scratch and never really browned, it tasted great but didn’t look as appetising as Grant’s fajitas, the curry was fab though.

Next time would I change the way I made these, no I’d go and buy a Trangia as they get very hot and cook properly unlike the cheap Go Outdoors camping stove which was a nightmare as it kept collapsing and the flame burnt orange rather than purple, also going to get proper camping pans too.

However the Tesco Value red wine in a carton was a winner, emmimently gluggable.

There was fruit