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Valet service Camp Bestival Style

We were in Camping Plus this year, they had showers, hot showers and very posh toilets, flushing and toilet paper too, wow.  The best welcome on Friday morning was the valet service for luggage from the field, this was amazing, I’ve been to the Touessrok in Mauritius and had my own butler but Camp Bestival valet service came into it’s own………..tractors!

Yes Tractors, two of them, one for your luggage and one for the humans, brilliant.  All we had to do was lug the luggage to the bottom of the field then the lovely chaps on the tractors would chuck the luggage on the red tractor and we’d sit in the blue one then we’d be driven up the hill to the top.  At this point the luggage was unloaded and we had to fend for ourselves until we found help, wheel barrows or rang husband to come and get us.

The campsite was pure luxury, our own pitch with proper aisles so no tripping over lots of guy ropes in the middle of the night trying to get to the tent when everyone else had pitched up around and over us. Even better we made it in time for Stooshe who were fantastic.