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Surf adventures

Big Girl and I have made it, we have been bestowed the ultimate honour, I”m so excited it’s silly………Alex, our lovely instructor at O’Ride Surf School at Messanges told us this morning that we were fine to hire just boards tomorrow, we didn’t need any more lessons, just practice.  This doesn’t mean that we’re any good; more likely, we are so rubbish that there is no point us carrying on with lessons until we get the hang of standing up on the damned thing and putting into practice everything that he’s told us but it’s so cool that we’re now allowed to just hire our own boards, does this mean we are officially part of the surf community?  Maybe not, but I can kid myself.

So 10am tomorrow morning, after shoe horning big girl out of bed, we’ll be on the beach hiring surf boards ready to find the white waves.

After 2 hours surfing I decided to go body boarding with small boy and medium girl, boy was I ready to go back to bed afterwards.  You know you’ve been trying hard when you get into the shower, take off your bikini and realise that where your bikini was is now a perfect sand imprint, a sand bikini.  I was probably wearing a good 3-4 kg of sand, this meant a quick yell out of the shower room window to prevent small children coming into the caravan, especially small boy and Pete, just imagine how much sand could be secreted in huge surf shorts – so they told to wiggle, amazing how much sand comes out of surf shorts with a bit of wiggling, at least it wasn’t in the caravan though.

An afternoon of sleeping on the sun lounger in 30 degrees of heat, lovely.  Then a cycle into the local town to try and change money – humph, two banks, both don’t carry money so can’t change up currency. Sorry, guys, but please tell me what banks do, I thought they were there to change money, change travellers cheques, cash cheques, maybe I’m naive but I’ve never heard of a bank that doesn’t carry cash, what on earth do they do?