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Street Food Lunch Club – launches January 2014

I’ve come up with a brilliant new idea…..come and cook lunch together in my cookery school kitchen, then we’ll sit down and eat together while chatting about how it can be adapted to cater to the tastes of your friends and family, then we’ll clear up, wash up and you can go home armed with a fabulous new recipe.  What more could you ask?  New recipe ideas, cookery skills and lunch in the company of other fabulous foodies, all for £35, good idea?

Well you’ll have to try it out and let me know, I’m starting these monthly, if they go well I’ll put more on.   They’re only 2 hours long including eating what you’ve made, and are based on street food.

What is Street Food?  You must have heard of this, it’s right ‘on trend’, up there with leather mini skirts and twerking? More pleasant though!  Street food is food that is sold by street vendors, the sort of food sold out of cool, retro VW Camper vans at Festivals for £10 a go, easy to cook, big on flavour and superbly adaptable to family suppers or to jazz up for dinner parties (aka kitchen suppers if you want to be really ‘on trend’, just, please, no twerking)

Street food can be anything from cupcakes to gourmet burgers with chapati wraps and mussels and chips somewhere in the middle.  My aim is to give you a taster of different street food from around the world so you have the opportunity to try different foods, learn new cookery skills and meet new foodie friends.

Our first one kicks off on Tuesday 28 Jan from 11am-1pm with Root vegetable korma with homemade chapati and raita, then on Tuesday 11 Feb it’s homemade seasonal soup (could be minestrone, could be anything) with homemade bread and on Tuesday 18 March is Three bean veggie chilli with homemade tortillas and chunky guacamole.    I’m really excited about it, hope you are too, come on try something new.


Veggie Chili