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Plum Baby Cookery School – Recipe Development

Anyone heard about the Baby Food diet?  This hit the headlines last year with Hollywood A listers losing shed loads of weight by eating baby food.  After a weekend of recipe development for Plum Baby Cookery School this concept now doesn’t seem as bizarre as it did last week.

On Tuesday I meet the Mummy bloggers who are runners up in the Plum Baby Cookery School competition and will be recreating this dish from scratch.  I’ve also been playing with some of the purees to see if I can incorporate them into every day dishes, well, why should babies have all the fun?

Yesterday I made fruit muffins incorporating some of the fruit purees and reducing the amount of butter from 75g to 25g, the muffins were amazing, lovely and moist and no one in my household realised they were reduced fat.  That is, until I told them and their reaction was “oooh that means I can have two then” – no it doesn’t, the concept of reducing the fat is that you have one and enjoy it, if you have two that defeats the object.

This morning it’s Sweet Cape Curry with Beef, I thought I’d try if before shooting off to the gym and then to the supermarket in case there are any ingredients I’m missing. So I tried it, the initial taste is ‘it needs salt’, but that’s only because as an adult I’m used to adding salt to my food, babies don’t have salt as it’s very bad for them, they don’t need it and if we never had salt we wouldn’t miss it.  By the third mouthful I didn’t notice the lack of salt, it was delicious, anyway I’ve just eaten the lot – for breakfast, couldn’t stop, it really was yummy.

I now understand why the baby food diet could catch on, Plum Baby Taste Adventures range is just as good as the tubs of ready to heat curries and noodles that are in the fridge section, lower in fat, all organic and this one’s 96 calories a tub, with 5 pounds left to go before I hit the beaches in Lemnos in 2 weeks I may well try it.  Possibly a new niche for Plum Baby, we’ll see.