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Cafe Twit and Mrs Dahl’s Jam

We’re regulars at Cafe Twit in the Roald Dahl Museum for what used to be Tiffany’s lovely scones and bogtrotters cake. This was to fill in time between picking my younger children up from school and hanging around to collect Big Girl from her Japanese lesson.  Japanese lessons have changed time but we still go to Cafe Twit, Dave makes a great skinny cappuccino.

Tiffany went back to Australia at Christmas and Kate took over the cafe.  We were nervous, what were her scones going to be like, were her cakes going to be able to live to our expectation?  Well, they did, in fact her version of bogtotters chocolate cake was, according to Medium Sized Girl, way, way better than before, scones pretty good too, Dave’s skinny cap up to usual standards but even better……….need drum roll here……………….the fizzy lifting drink has morphed from being a real lemonade ice cream float with chocolate sprinkles to, wait for it……a cola version.  Ooooh that was it, Medium Sized Girl and Small Boy were in heaven, they could barely contain their excitment.  When Medium Sized Girl goes to Big School in September I think the ice cream van in the bus park will have a lot to live up to.

The best bit, for me anyway, was the jam.  Dave brought me over my scone and instead of the little jar of jam it was in a small ramekin. Dave proudly announced that this was Mrs Dahl’s jam, homemade, and they were using it in the cafe until it ran out.  Well Mrs Dahl, you make excellent jam, it was heavenly, not sure what flavour but it seemed to be a mixture of blackcurrant and raspberry, please, please make some more.  I feel rather honoured to eat Mrs Dahl’s homemade jam.  Hope there’s some left for next week.