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Baby Diary – 7 weeks 1 day

5 January 1996 – 7 weeks 1 day

My 31st Birthday, you skied again yesterday with your Dad and I but I’ve been in bed with flu since New Year’s Eve and was a little shakey on the slopes.  My skiing’s fine but my confidence isn’t good so I decided not to risk injuring you or me and retired gracefully at lunchtime – no way am I learning to snowboard, that will have to wait for a while longer. I’m not skiing today, feeling weak and also really queasy until I eat.  When I ‘m eating I feel great until I stop.  No sickness yet, bit of a tummy upset this morning but probably down to the antibiotics I’m now on to combat bronchitis and flu.

Once we meet you you have a lot to answer for, this week I’ve gone off chocolate, coffee (although I’m only drinking decaf I’m even off that!), can’t bear the smell and anything sweet, although I’ve had egg and chips three times for lunch and some Haagen Daas cookies and cream ice cream.

We bought you your first outfit today in Meribel of course.  We thought about getting you a ski outfit but couldn’t get one small enough.  It’s a romper suit, red and cream with 101 dalmations logo, 220 francs so around £35-40.

I spoke to Mum this morning who’s been looking in Middlesbrough Pram shop at cots.  Oh, I almost forgot, Pete went totally gaga over a pair of turtlefur mittens, his brains are completely pickled, however, I did fill up but didn’t cry when we bought the romper suit.

If I’m this bad at 8 weeks what will I be like at 8 months?

Congratuations card from Mum

Written on 20 December 1995 – ‘Well now, who’s a clever pair then?  You two are.  My love and congratulations to you both, take good care of my grand-daughter, on the ‘turns’ as it may well be, all my love Mum’ – she was adamant I was having a girl, it wasn’t negotiable, a boy was being sent back.