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500 Baby and Toddler Foods – my new baby food cookbook

500 Baby and Toddler Foods by Beverley Glock

I’ve just received the first copy of my new book ‘500 Baby and Toddler Foods’ published by Apple Press on 5 September 2011.

Wow, it’s real.  It looks amazing.  My Big Girl looked through it this morning and exclaimed that the recipes in it were far nicer than the food we ate at home – I did point out that actually, the recipes in there were all recipes I cooked at home and that she probably just hadn’t noticed.  She then declared that she wanted to try some of them.  Yes!  That’s the whole point, it maybe a baby and toddler cookbook but it’s designed for the whole family to eat and share the same meals.

The first copy has, of course, been sent off to my Mum.  That’s where the real critical review will come from, hmm, we’ll see.

Shortly the press copies will be winging their way to Netmums, Mumsnet, Families Mag along with all other manner of family and baby websites, magazines, shows, whatever, it will be interesting to see the reaction, especially at it launches in the US, Canada and Australia at the same time.  Fingers crossed it will do well.