Accessories rental for Gingerbread House workshop


Accessories to rent for the gingerbread house workshop, mini rolling pins, mini cutters, spacers and piping bags.

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If you’re booked on the gingerbread house workshop and require some equipment to help you and/or your children make and construct the house this is for you.  The accessories are:

1 x mini rolling pin for sugar paste (happy to send two out if you’ve booked two houses)

2 x spacers to help roll the gingerbread to the correct thickness – even adults need help sometimes so don’t be proud, this is of key importance to your structure.

3 x mini Christmas cookie cutters for gingerbread shapes, cutting windows out for stained glass windows and for sugar paste shapes.

3 x disposable piping bags for royal icing.

Price of £30 of which £15 is refundable on return of the spacers, rolling pin and cutters,  £5 of this is to pay for P&P.



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