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Yorkshire Cheesecakes or Curd Cakes

I grew up eating these as cheesecakes, when I moved to London and ordered a cheesecake, this is what I expected.  It turned up raw and I sent it back to be cooked and made a right fool of myself.  I still think that raw cheesecakes are uncooked and these are proper ones, they are delicious.

Ingredients: for 8 tarts – depending on the size of your tart tins

Pastry: 200g plain flour
50g lard
50g butter
pinch of saltApprox 30ml cold water to mix
Filling:  300g tub quark, curd or cottage cheese (low fat is fine)
50g sugar
50g currants
1 egg
40g butter, melted
¼ teaspoon cinnamon and nutmeg
Grated zest of an orange

How to make Yorkshire Cheesecakes …. WASH YOUR HANDS

  1. Preheat the oven to 200c/Gas 6/AGA roasting oven.
  2. Rub the lard and butter together into the flour with your fingertips until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs, add the salt.
  3. Add the water a little at a time and use the knife to ‘cut’ and stir into the dry mixture, keep adding the water until the mixture forms a stiff dough.
  4. Dust a clean, flat work surface with flour and roll out the pastry to approximately 5mm thick.   Grease the tartlet tins with a little butter.
  5. Place the tartlet tins onto the pastry and using the round bladed knife cut out a circle shape approx 2 cm larger than the outside of the tin.  Repeat for all the tins.  Line the tins with the pastry, pressing the pastry gently into the tin.
  6. Mix the filling ingredients together into a bowl and share out between the tins, the mixture should come to slightly below the top of each pastry lined tin.
  7. Transfer the tartlet tins onto a baking tray and and bake for approx 20 minutes until the pastry is golden brown at the edges and the filling is set and light brown in colour.
  8. Transfer the tartlets to a wire rack until cool enough to eat.