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Swordfish vs moshi cards?

Just nipped to Tesco for milk and as usual bought and spent a whole lot more, must remember to leave the children at home next time, always a bad idea to go food shopping with little’uns when you just want milk.

Small boy (aged 9) was having a stomp about wanting moshi cards, being a moshi monster addict (yes I know the dance and all the words to the moshi dance) this was verging on total paddy until we got as far as the fish counter and the hissy fit changed like this……

“I really, really want them, I’ll pay you back, please, please, please………you really hate me don’t you, I can’t believe that I’m not adopted………..oooh swordfish, please, please can we have swordfish tonight, please Mum, you’re the best Mum on the planet, I love you so much, I don’t want moshi cards anymore please can we have swordfish”

In probably less than a minute – result!

I think it was a result, it was actually a very expensive result, 75p for moshi cards, £7.89 for swordfish for all five of us, hmmm.  However, much more nutritional, you can’t eat Moshi cards but you can’t swap swordfish.  Thinking about that you can’t actually swap moshi cards as that just degenerates into falling out and fisticuffs and secretly I’m so very proud of that conversation and the fact that Small Boy loves swordfish so much.

As the fish counter lady was bagging up the swordfish Medium Sized Girl exclaims, hmm, you don’t have any octopus do you? They had huge ones on the fish counter in France or how about lobster?   OK that’s going a bit far for a small Tesco in Princes Risborough, usually I moan on about the fact that it’s only good for washing up liquid.  Changed my mind there, it’s good for washing up liquid and swordfish, not a bad combination.