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Small Boy’s shish Kebabble

Ha, recipe development in it’s raw form.  Small boy asked for shish Kebabble for his tea.  OK , any one any idea of what shish kebabble is?  It’s nothing to do with marinaded lamb or Turkey or the Middle East, in fact it’s a term my son uses when he’s flabbergasted as in ‘Mummy of course I would like ice cream for pudding – Shish Kebabble!’

So on qualifying out what his interpretation of Shish Kebabble was I asked if this was anything like chicken Egg Fried Rice? ‘No’, or chicken teriyaki ‘No’, so as a master of recipe development, invention and mind reading I created ‘chicken shish kebabble’.  Feel like I ought to include the dastardly ‘a ha ha ha ha ha!’ master criminal laugh at this point.

What is Chicken Shish Kebabble?

1 chicken breast, skinned, boned and cut into 3 cm chunks

Thread onto soaked wooden skewer and sprinkle with a little Teriyaki sauce and a little Shaoxing rice wine and don’t tell small boy what’s in it until he’s tried it.  Serve with baby sweetcorn and sticky rice and receive approving grunt while his and his sister’s shish kebbables are demolished.  Then tell him what’s in it.  YES, on the list!