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Skiing and Drop Scones

Oh wow, now that heading conjures up images of crisp snow in the Alps, Gluwein or Hot Chocolate with Rum and shed loads of whipped cream and home made drop scones for tea when you get in after a hard days skiing.

REALITY CHECK – 1 hour ski lesson at Milton Keynes SnoZone for the whole family as my birthday present from my lovely hubby.  Small boy and medium sized girl have never skied before so the 3 hour lesson was going to be a bit much and Peter and I were a little nervous if we’d get our ski legs back after 5 years and my totally shot knee. So Courcheval it wasn’t – not a Russian accent in sight!

We needn’t have worried, Pete and I can still ski (medium sized girl told us off for showing off and coming down the big slope but then admitted that we did look good – yes, years of learning how to ski.  Ripped anterior crutiate and various other injuries and an awful lot of money thrown away  on the snow but at last, at long long last, 20 years on we achieve the ultimate acclaim – our 11 year old thinks we look cool on skis – we have reached ultimate goal and can no longer achieve any higher status, may as well give us now then – NO)

That said, after 45 minutes of skiing, 11 year old is now a total ski demon and has declared that she doesn’t need any more lessons, she can do it perfectly well and is going to the very top next time. OMG what have we done?

So off to ASK for lunch, boy were they miserable in there, really glum, rockets certainly needed apart from the lovely lady who served us after I made a comment about how miserable her manager was and he had total sense of humour failure too.  I know we’re all fed up after Christmas but it really narks me when people have that kind of attitude, it doesn’t take much to smile and make a bit of an effort, especially from the manager – rocket needed!

So home from our skiing adventure, children still full of pasta and pizza so drop scones are on the menu with lemon juice and sugar.  Really easy quick tea wolfed down with strawberries and blueberries, yum.