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Savoury Muffins in 11 minutes – Philips Airfryer

I’ve been testing out the Philips Airfryer, this fabulous kitchen applicance produces my healthy, amazing muffins in super quick time.  My Small Boy was off on a school trip and as usual I hadn’t got my act together to sort him out a packed lunch.  He hates sandwiches so it’s always a challenge, anyway, cheese and sun-dried tomato muffins it was.  It was 7.10am, he was leaving at 7.30am – stress city.

It took 3 minutes to heat up during which time I made the muffins, I admit that most people would probably take longer to mix up the muffins but I know the recipe off by heart as I wrote it and it’s in my new book 500 Baby and Toddler Foods. By the time the Airfryer was ready the muffins were in their cases and took only 8 minutes to cook, you can only cook 4 at a time but that meant total cooking time of 24 minutes plus 3 minutes to warm up so much quicker than heating up your oven.  Small boy left the house munching on one savoury muffin as second breakfast (it’s 7.30am) with two in his lunchbox for his school trip – day saved, massive points scored on the Perfect Mum scale.

I was quoted in the Daily Mail on Saturday talking about this great piece of kit, check it out.