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Recipe Development – Keema Rice

I’ve been playing with the Keema Rice recipe for my new book, this is a recipe that my husband and children love from the local Indian Restaurant but it has to be adapted for babies and toddlers so out go the normal spices and salt.

I’ve just taken it out of the oven and for my own personal taste I’d add some fried, sliced green chillies and shed loads more salt, plus I’d stir fry it in some ghee too and probably top it with some fried sliced onion. Not the healthy version.

However, as it stands it’s a healthy version and has got to be good as my large chocolate labrador, Jasper, has just leapt from one end of the kitchen to the other from a ‘snoring’ start and is now wagging like crazy and guarding the pan with his life – while he tries to figure out how to take the lid off.

It gets my dog’s seal of approval – not sure if that’s good or not.

So having just sauteed two green chillies the keema rice tastes a whole lot better, apart from my lovely husband has just nicked most of the chillies, last time I try and be polite.

So on to the child taste test…..heh heh heh. Small boy and medium sized girl both turn noses up at it – preferring to eat the lamb meatballs and homemade pitta breads – it’s only when I point out that the dish is actually chicken egg fried rice but with lamb instead of chicken and the egg’s missing that suddenly the whole thing is a lot more tempting and the cries of ‘yuk’ turn into ones of ‘ooh why didn’t you say so in the first place, oooh it’s lovely’.  So Keema rice has now been renamed Chicken egg fried rice surprise, the surprise being there’s no chicken, egg or anything fried, but there is rice so that’s close?  Big girl won’t come near the table if there is any lamb on it so no hope there, more for us then.