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Plum and Almond Bites

This is an adaptation of my Pesche alla Piemontese recipe, these little canapes are delightful served on an edible tulip petal from Green’s of Devon

Ingredients: for 20 canapes

4-6 amaretti biscuits
2 tablespoons ground almonds
40g light brown muscovado sugar
2 teaspoons good quality cocoa powder
25g unsalted butter
4 ripe plums
1 tub ricotta cheese
2 tbsp icing sugar
20 edible tulip petals

  1. Preheat the oven to 200oc/gas 6.
  2. Crumble up the biscuits and add to the bowl of the food processor along with the ground almonds, sugar, cocoa powder, the wine or liqueur if using and the butter, whizz it to a paste.  Roll into small balls, the size of a marble, then flatten slightly (if you leave them completely round they will roll everywhere).  Transfer to a greased and lined baking tray. Bake for 5-6 minutes.
  3. Slice the plums in half, remove the stone and slice each half into 6-7 wedges.
  4. Mix the ricotta cheese with the icing sugar and beat until smooth.
  5. Allow the almond biscuits to cool and serve on an edible tulip petal with a spoonful of sweetened ricotta, slice of plum topped with a mini biscuit