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Party time Edelman Style

Men’s worst nightmare……..

I am man’s worst nightmare, I know by uttering this simple phrase I can turn men to jelly, make them run from the room screaming, swear they are going to lock themselves in the shed with the cooking sherry and NEVER come out, no it’s not “I Love You” nor is it “please put the bins out”, they are wussy words compared to this……are you ready……are you sure you can cope with this……don’t say I didn’t warn you…….here goes……

“What shall I wear?”

*ducks to avoid male friends on the site throwing things in my direction through the computer – including Peter Glock*

Who agrees?  I’m off to the party of the summer hosted by the wonderful PR company Edelman in Bedford Square in London, it starts at 6.30pm, the weather was supposed to be hot and sunny…….this is England….and it isn’t.

So what shall I wear?

You’ll either have to come and scour my wardrobe with me or wait until you see the result….