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My daughter’s a foodie

I am such a proud Mum, my medium sized daughter, aged 11, has just come back from France, she’s been there for 5 days on a school trip and had a fantastic time.  On the final day the children were allowed to go round a local market and buy things.  She came back armed with breakfast and lunch on Saturday for the family.  Instead of buying junk, jewellery or chocolate, my lovely girl bought croissants, waffles, crepes, Madeleines (her little brother’s favourite) and the most wonderful cheese from a cheese farm they visit on the way back.  She was thrilled to bit with her stash and the fact that she’d brought breakfast and lunch back from France and was totally unimpressed that some of school friends just went on a chocolate fest.

I feel very proud that we’re cultivating foodie children and breakfast and lunch was fantastic, it was so sunny yesterday that we could imagine we were in France eating her lovely lunch.