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Mini Christmas Puddings – children’s version

This chocolate fridge crunchy or tiffin recipe makes wonderfully easy and spectacular mini Christmas puddings, you could use thick glace icing instead of sugarpaste to drizzle over if you wish.  Wonderful boxed to give as gift for friends and family.

Ingredients: for 36 puddings
2 x tablespoons golden syrup
100g plain dark cooking chocolate
100g butter
200g plain sweet biscuits (eg Digestives, Malted Milk)
50g currants
White sugarpaste icing
Foodsafe white glitter
Red and green sugarpaste

1.      Place the golden syrup, chocolate and butter in a saucepan.

2.      Ask an adult to place the saucepan on a very low heat to melt, stirring  occasionally with a wooden spoon.  Do not let it boil.

3.      Place half of the biscuits into a small freezer bag.  Secure the top with a tie or tag or tie a knot in the top.

4.      Bash up the biscuits with a rolling pin until they are in little bits.  (This is the fun bit)  Pour the bits into the mixing bowl. Repeat with the other half.

5.      Add the currants to the biscuit bits.

6.      Ask an adult to remove the saucepan from the heat when the mixture has melted and very carefully (making sure you don’t touch the saucepan because it will be VERY HOT) add pour this into the mixing bowl. Using the wooden spoon mix everything together.

7.      Wait for 10-15 minutes until the mixture has cooled slightly, then roll the mixture into little balls, about the size of a small golf ball, place into a petit four case.  Put into the fridge to chill.

8.      Roll out the white sugarpaste to  approximately 4mm thick, cut rough wobbly circles out, big enough to flop over the top of the puddings to look like icing dripping down.  Paint the tops of the sugarpaste with a little water and sprinkle with foodsafe glitter, remove the puddings from the fridge and lay over the white icing, pressing down gently to stick.

9.      Roll the red sugarpaste into small balls to look like berries and the green sugarpaste into balls, then flatten them pinching each end to look like holly leaves, stick two leaves and two berries onto the top of each pudding with a little water.  Chill.