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Mark Warner accommodation at Lakitira

Lakitira resort looked really big when I checked it out online, compared with Lemnos and San Lucianu and we were a little worried about the size. No need to worry as it doesn’t feel huge at all, it feels roomy and has a very nice laid back vibe about it. The white washed hotel and village are surrounded by hibiscus growing up the walls makes a strikingly beautiful picture against the deep azure sky.

The sounds are pure ‘holiday’, chirruping of the cicadas, lapping of the waves gently breaking on the sand and relaxing chill out music from the bars, interspersed with ‘grunts’ from the tennis courts. Well, it wouldn’t be Mark Warner without that would it?

Our rooms are amazing, we are in the village and have a two storey ‘house’, it is actually bigger than our first house. Downstairs there are 3 single beds and a huge amount of space, fridge and bathroom, with a large patio. Sufficient room for all three teenagers with messy detritus scattered everywhere but not overstepping the ‘no walk’ zones of each other’s allocated space, if you have teenage girls you’ll know this could mean the outbreak of World War 3. Marble stairs take you to the grown ups room with lockable door (necessary for any ‘couple’ time with teenage kids around, especially when they have their own keys and no issue about just walking straight in without knocking, need I say more?). We have twin beds, our own bathroom and balcony. The whole thing is absolutely massive and even better, there is NO television. Ok I know some of you would like a TV, if so book into the hotel as their rooms have widescreen TV. For us this is a dream so the are no arguments about watching it vs going outside and doing healthy activities. In previous years we have been bad parents and lied to the kids that the ‘TV doesn’t work unless you pay for it’ and ‘it’s really expensive’, or ‘it doesn’t work until 7pm’, or ‘it recognises your thumbprint so only adults can operate it’.

Small boy took my instructions of ‘quiet time, out of the sun between 12-3pm to the extreme yesterday as a bunch of the boys piled round to his new best friend Callum’s room in the hotel to watch Men in Black, at least they were out of the sun.

Both rooms have air conditioning too and the showers are brilliant. Not only do they work after 6pm (previous holidays the hot water has run out at 6pm and reduced to a trickle) but these are just like the power shower at home, yeay. The electricity works by putting your heavy key fob into the slot, bit tricky if you only have one key fob and there are 5 of you as the spares don’t have a fob…..toothpaste tube works just as well.

We even have our own entertainment in the form of a cat and her three kittens who live on the kids patio, they’ve been told not to try and stroke them (the children have been told not to stroke the cats that is, not the other way round) but they seem very sweet, catching lizards and playing with each other much to the kids entertainment. I like lizards so not so keen on this bit but its a good introduction to nature for the children.

There is a beach towel hire facility which is €7 a week per towel and you change your towels every other day, so they can get grotted on the beach or in the pool and you just change them out, we brought our own but this means I have less washing so ours are remaining firmly in the suitcase. There are toiletries in the room too, it’s the little things that matter.