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Lakitira, intro to activities

We had our first Mark Warner holiday when big girl was 2, she’s almost 17 now, Pete spent a lot of morning watching the sun come up at various resorts with our small children, usually around 5.30am. He wasn’t the only one, the was a real sense of togetherness with all the other Dads who were on early morning duty on the beach. Things are a little different now, it’s trying to get them up in the morning that’s the challenge.

Motivation for getting up for a child’s point of view is that club starts at 9am. In previous years we’ve had to go down to the restaurant to get toast and honey for big girl in order to get her to the beach for a 9am start, this year it’s up to them.

I had to be out for 9.15 Pilates taster, which was amazing, but at €18 an hour not sure i want to go for it, may just stick to the aerobics programme and yoga with the lovely Laura from the hotel is was just so sweet and made such an effort to find me afterwards to make sure I’d enjoyed it and persuade me to come to the music quiz tonight. Pete went off to play tennis and has booked into a course as well as doing social tennis this afternoon.

After Pilates my focus was playing ‘shark’ in the pool with small boy, teaching Medium girl to dive and learning how to do butterfly stroke from small boy.

Windsurfing refresher for 30 mins following which I’d hoped to rake out a windsurfer. Let me just set you straight here… I started windsurfing 21 years ago and last year managed to get my RYA Start Windsurfing qualification, almost had to bribe the instructors for it, so after 21 years I officially managed to get up, get the sail up, windsurf a little way, turn the thing round and get back to shore, so that tells you how good I am! Today was a blue/red flag day meaning only advanced sailors on the sea, no hope there then.

After lunch I got very excited as the flag had gone down to blue so off I went to talk nicely to the beach crew. I love Mark Warner beach crew, they actually go and get your board and sail and put it together for you and then launch it in the sea. It may have been that they took one look at me, took pity and thought ‘blonde’ but I don’t care, the lovely chaps gave a fabulous ‘windsurf butler service’ for which I was very grateful. All I can say is that I only fell off once, pretty miraculous and pretty impressive…….I did have to be rescued though. An offshore wind took hold and before I knew it I was getting very far away from shore, with the sail down, struggling to get it up due to the gusts and no hope of even getting into the recovery position as the wind kept whipping the sail over the board. Rescue boat came and, with my pride hurt, I had a lift back to shore. Felt better soon afterwards when talking to the beach crew as they all admitted that the wind is tricky and they’ve all been rescued frequently.

Back for a spot of pool shark with small boy then yoga with Laura from the hotel who is part of the animation team who is just lovely. She made a point of finding me afterwards by the pool to ask if I’d enjoyed it and to persuade me to come to the music quiz tonight and aqua aerobics tomorrow.

I asked medium girl tonight if she was enjoying herself, her response was

“Oh yes, I’ve made some really good friends and I’m having the best time ever, I can’t believe I’ve only been here two days, it feels like a week already, this is just brilliant”. Praise indeed from a 13 year old.

Lakitira isn’t a purely Mark Warner resort, there are a few Italians, Russians and some French here. I love the Russians, this is probably not politically correct but I’m going to write this anyway. There are great games you can play with the Russians.

1. Spot the boob jobs.
2. Spot the inappropriate age mix in a couple
3. Check out how much gold, gold lame, glittery stuff, high heels on the beach they’re wearing and who gets the “bling” trophy of the day.
4. Get together in the bar at the end of the day to compare notes.

In Egypt a couple of years ago there were a couple of older men, dressed in full leather, heaps of gold jewellery accompanied by very skinny 20 year old blondes with obvious boob jobs, it was great fun playing ‘spot the Russians’, disappointingly there is no one like that here.

I won yesterday by spotting a couple with a baby, the girl was wearing a nice white bikini from the front, nicely rounded, not skinny, but then she walked past to reveal a ‘thong’, now pushing a baby around while wearing a thong just seems inappropriate, especially when you haven’t the body to carry it off, her husband was wearing speedos, tight ones with gold writing and squiggles all over which glittered in the sun, walked past, heard them speak……..yeay Russians.

A big plus with having other un-Mark Warner folks here is that there are even more activities to choose from. The hotel has its own animations team including Laura from yoga. They put on evening events such as the fab music quiz which we came second in, losing out on the tie breaker. Even better after the quiz they started up the Eurotrash music. That was it, in Mum heaven, the complete and total ability to embarrass your kids handed on a plate. We’re talking Agadoo, YMCA and some new lovely Eurotrash pop songs with new actions. Oh yes I was up there with the kids, other people’s not mine who were trying to hide in horror, no issues missing my noon pool Eurotrash pop songs at French Campsites, I have it in Greece too, Whaley I’m on holiday