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I’m very excited to be appearing at Camp Bestival this year

Camp Bestival is my favourite festival, I love it and I’m honoured to be appearing there.  The session is to give tips and tricks to try and get your parents and for parents to get their kids eating healthy stuff.

Healthy stuff doesn’t have to be boring as you can add to lots of yummy food.  My son would draw the line at adding peas to mint choc chip ice cream to give it the green colour (I’m not sure if he’s ever forgiven me for that one).  However pea and mint ice cream or pea and basil ice cream is really nice, honest.

Hitting the healthy stuff is about making small changes to your food to get more nutrition to your body, after all that’s why we eat.  Such as….

  • Add fruit or veg to your muffins or cupcakes.  Make your own so you’re not tempted to open a packet.  Makes you value the treats more if you have to make them, or get the kids to make them.  House rule – no biscuits or cakes unless you make them yourself.
  • Use maple syrup instead of sugar when you’re cooking.
  • Add 25% wholemeal flour and remove the same amount of white flour when you bake.
  • Reducing the amount of sugar in all biscuit and cake recipes by 20%.
  • Drink fizzy water with a squeeze of orange, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit, satsuma or mandarin juice instead of sugar filled or diet fizzy drinks.  If you  like ginger beer add a slice of root ginger in there too with some lemon juice, delicious.
  • Roast or griddle broccoli in olive oil with a pinch of salt and some garlic slices to make it taste much nicer than purely steaming it.
  • Add a handful of raw spinach and some pomegranate seeds to a salad
  • Dunk cherry tomatoes in hummus instead of having that slice of toast or biscuit.
  • Replace one cup of tea or coffee with green tea – biscuits aren’t nice dunked in green tea so you also cut down on how many biscuits you eat.  I can’t have a cup of tea without a biscuit, it’s just wrong, but I can drink a cup of green tea without having a biscuit.

There are loads more that I’ll share with you on Sunday at Camp Bestival.  I’ll be chatting to the lovely Steven Lamb and answering your questions too, should be fun.

These are few hints and tips for what to pack, what food to bring and what happens at Camp Bestival if you’ve not been before or even if you have.

Here are a few recipes to get you started.

Pesto muffins – great for lunch boxes and no sugar.

Banana bread – sugar free as they use maple syrup plus wholemeal flour for slow release energy

Cherry and coconut ice lollies – one of my favourites, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, sugar free, really yummy

Sour Cherry Ripple Ice Cream – I’ve tried to recreate the Boho verision, it’s pretty c

lose and sugar free.

Rhubarb and ginger ice cream – sugar free version as well, I like ice cream,

Chocolate chip cookies – sugar free, gluten free and dairy free if you use coconut oil, I made these last year at Camp Bestival, they’re a weekly staple

Watermelon shark – a fantastic party centrepiece for adults and children, extracted from my book 200 Healthy Kids Recipes.

Purple sprouting broccoli pesto – tastes delicious with pasta and adds more veg

There are heaps more recipes on my website, hope to see you at Camp Bestival