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Horsemeat Saga contd……buy your meat locally and make your own burgers

Homemade burgers take 5 minutes – chop 1 onion, mix with 500g minced beef, lamb, pork, venison or horse if that is your preference, add 1 egg, season with salt and pepper and mix together. For a finer textured burger whizz the mixture in a food processor, shape into balls, flatten to the desired thickness, cook under a hot grill, barbecue or on a hot griddle until completely cooked through. Serve with homemade chips, caramelised onions, sliced mozzarella and some posh ketchup, ta da.

Want some help…..check out the video, Homemade Beefburgers

The key to a great burger is to buy excellent meat, it should be 20% fat otherwise the burger will fall apart, so get to know your butcher, find out where they source their meat from, our local butcher in Princes Risborough, K&B Family Butchers, source as much as possible within 7 miles of the shop, it’s expensive but good meat always has been and always is. If you want cheap meat then don’t moan about what animal it came from, it’s not rocket science. Cheap chicken nuggets don’t use chunks of free range or organic chicken breast, if it’s mush then it’s going to be the parts of the chicken you wouldn’t want to talk about let alone eat, again, if you want cheap don’t moan about what you’re eating when you find out, keep your head buried in the sand and hope you don’t find out by accident. End of rant.Homemade beef burger and chips