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Halloween cupcakes and glow in the dark icing

The children at Splat Cooking’s Saturday morning club decorated Halloween cupcakes this weekend and here are the amazing photos.  We also made glow in the dark icing, although it’s not really glow in the dark as you need a black or UV light to really make it shine but it does work.  You will need:

Powdered fondant icing sugar, the turquoise packet by Tate and Lyle or Silver Spoon and either Illuzoon which can be purchased from specialise molecular gastonomy websites or if you can’t get hold of that you can use tonic water (it contains quinine which reacts with the UV to make it glow in the dark) and some lemon juice as the tonic water is bitter.

Mix the illuzoon with water as per the tub instructions or mix the tonic water with some lemon juice and then use either liquid to make up a thick sticky icing, use on cupcakes and here’s the effect, they’re fab …