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GlitterGate – the drama continues

After much goings on over the past few months the team over at Splat Cooking have just withdrawn EdAble Art Glitter from sale due to current labels being on contravention of the Food Safety Act 1990, here’s the article for further info

Splat Cooking are currently trying to source an alternative product as the other biggie on the market is Rainbow dust’s Sparkle Dust but that has never been recommended to use on food and clearly states that it should not come into contact with food.  So it’s rather frustrating and I’m certainly feeling like I’ve lost some of my sparkle (yes, I know very corny but couldn’t resist) but as soon as I managed to locate some sparkles that are safe to glitter up my cupcakes I’ll share it with you and Splat Cooking will def be stocking it so keep an eye out.

In the meantime if you do have any Rainbow Dust or EdAble Art glitter around nows the time to make up some gorgeous glitter Halloween or Christmas cards and get ahead of the  game, your friends and relatives will be amazed and you could design future cupcakes on the cards and colour them in with the glitter, they’ll look amazing.