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First proof of my book

Feeling very emotional and tearful.  I’ve just received the first proof of my new book ‘500 Baby and Toddler Recipes’ with the photos and it’s wonderful.  It’s suddenly made it all feel real, the photos are lovely.  Feels a little like giving birth without the pain, still with the blood, sweat, tears and shedloads of very late nights and not actually the same as having a real baby but I do feel very proud of my new addition.

So I have a weekend of proof reading ahead of me and trying to figure out what on earth ‘rutabaga’ is, figure it may be turnip, any help here would be gratefully received.  Hah, my new baby’s first words and I’ve no idea what on earth they are, actually that’s pretty true to life.

I’m very excited now, the deadline is Monday to have all the editing done so my new baby can be in the Dutch office to be translated, should be interesting.  Can’t wait for August when it hits the book shops, yeay