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Festival Food

Food planning for this weekend, last year we tried the tinned stuff, horrid, so this year in line with my BBC Oxford show I’m cooking real food, from scratch instead.

What’s on the menu for Camp Bestival?


Pancakes with lemon and sugar or nutella (cheated and bought ready made crepes, I refuse to queue for 30 minutes for one crepe like last year)

Pain au chocolat

Cheerios with already frozen milk which will slowly defrost over the weekend and keep cold, may need to sneak in coco pops too for my chocolate fix – shouldn’t have admitted to coco pops addiction, I’m supposed to be a shining example of healthy eating, mostly anyway.

Orange Juice and smoothies


Eating out – not doing lunch each day, no way


Thai green chicken curry for the grown ups Friday night, I’ve chopped and frozen the raw chicken, taken the green curry paste, veg and coconut milk with me as I reckon it’s safer to cook the raw meat than to cook the whole thing, freeze it and slowly defrost it there, also boil in the bag rice too.  Kids are on fajitas, again cooking them on site, the fajitas, not the kids.  RED WINE – doesn’t need chilling, may have to sneak in a couple of beers too on the basis that they’ll have to be drunk Friday night before going warm, hard life!

Saturday – we’re eating out

Sunday – Pasta with pesto and roast veg, garlic bread cooked under the grill and lashings of parmesan, fussy kids can have pasta with parmesan and butter – I’ll let them off veg one night, after all it’s a festival

Also taking crisps and olives for nibbles, let’s face this is where middle England go to party so would be letting the side down not taking olives, posh crisps and making flapjack today to go too.

One sleep until I go, Pete and Small Boy have already left to set up the tent, I gave them towels this morning and they looked at me like I was insane

“why do we need those?”

“to wash with”

“but we’re at a festival, didn’t think you were allowed to wash, isn’t that the idea?”

Hmm, boys!