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Festival Food

Cooking Food for Camp Bestival and the Alternative

I spent a long time last night being grumpy and cooking for 6 people for Camp Bestival today, one of them being a 17 year old coeliac friend of Big Girl who I only found out was coeliac a couple of days ago.

So, fajitas made and in the freezer, gluten free flapjack made, gluten free granola bars made (great cheat, one end of the tray has just oats the other has gluten free muesli mixed in because I didn’t have sufficient oats – ta da new recipe created).  Lemon drizzle made, fougasse made (show off camping food), flatbreads made, olives, hoummus all in fridge chilling nicely.  Sauv blanc in freezer – lets see if wine tastes OK after being frozen, red wine in cartons as back up, juices in freezer, milk in freezer.

Check there are sufficient nitrogen capsules for the Myspressi and sufficient coffee, done.  Peach and franipane tart made (more show off cooking) with gluten free version for Big Girl’s friend, gluten free brownies, gluten free muffins and wraps sorted.  Bacon in the freezer, mustn’t forget to get that out.

Stress free version of camping food?

Tequila, limes and salt – forget everything else, you won’t need it and won’t remember that you haven’t eaten anything……….