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Easiest ski check in ever

Flight from Gatwick to Verona at 6.30am, check in 4.30am, get up at 2am to leave at 2.30am, pretty standard timing for ski holidays. However with the weather forecast of heavy rain and high winds we took a last minute decision to take advantage of Crystal Ski’s day before check in option. Basically you can check in your bags up to 10pm the day before travelling and we got an extra 2.5 hours in bed.

Managed to get rooms at the Premier Inn adjacent to North terminal, arrived at 7pm and entered a completely deserted departures area. Never in my life have I seen Gatwick that deserted, no queues, nothing. Baggage deposited within minutes then back across the road to the hotel for supper which was also quite good, it’s difficult to ruin steak and chips.

The alarm went off at 4.45am we were airside by 5.15am getting breakfast sorted to take on the plane, incredibly civilised. Flight took off on time, pretty boring flight, which is what you want, extremely organised transfer, into the hotel by 2pm, wow.

We are staying at the Hotel Miramonti in Passo Tonale in Italy. The only problem was that the children’s room is on the same floor but completely the opposite end of the floor, however the lovely staff arranged for us to move rooms the next day so we are now opposite them which is fantastic.

The hotel is fabulous, food amazing and the staff are really lovely, they can’t do enough for you.

We met up with the Crystal reps on the first evening and although massively stressed with changeover day for the busiest week so far this year, they’ve only been here two weeks so it’s right in at the deep end, they were brilliant.

Looking forward to hitting the slopes in the mornings and discovering the delights of the town,