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Cooking party philosophy of an 8 year old boy

Over at Splat Cooking we’ve been bouncing around ideas for new cooking party themes, new ideas, new recipes and just figuring out if we need to change anything.  So I decided to ask my 8 year son, he is the most experienced cooking party goer on the planet, having had 4 parties so far, and he is only 8!

So the philosophy of an 8 year old – here’s the interview:

Me:  What can we do make the parties better?

Small boy: Well, the best thing you could do is not shout at us when we’re running around the hall dive bombing each other, playing ‘it’.

Me: I had to shout at you so you could hear me asking you to stop, you were all being so loud that you couldn’t hear me when I asked in a normal voice.

Small boy; Why did you have to ask anyway, we were just having fun

Me: We had to set up the room for the party and couldn’t have 35 children (yes, 35 children, he’d asked loads of his friends) running around the place, it would have been dangerous for you and your friends and the cookery leaders as they tried to set up. If you’d hit the tables there could have been a nasty injury and you could have knocked all the food and ingredients flying. You’re all there to cook not play ‘it’.

Small boy: hmmm, OK, suppose you have a point, so why couldn’t we have played at the end of the party or watched a DVD or gone on the Wii?

Me: because you were in a village hall as you’d invited 34 friends, if you had only invited 11 friends and we had it at home then you could all have gone and watched a DVD or gone on the Wii while the cookery leaders cleared up, the village hall doesn’t have a Wii.

Small boy : humph!

Next question was along the lines of bringing on different savoury options.  Brings me back to around 6 years ago when one of our cookery leaders suggested that we ought to have mini quiches as an option.  So 6 years later, how many times has anyone chosen that option – NONE.

When I asked small boy what we should do instead of pizza as that was getting a bit boring now, he looked at me like I’d grown another head and said ‘it’s a party, why on earth would anyone NOT want to make pizza, der!’

So there you go, think I’ll promote him to Director of Strategy.  We will be bringing on new options and themes though, whether he likes it or not.