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Camp Bestival – What’s on and food

So excited, just had the updated APP for #campbestival and they’ve got the timings up, gutted as tomorrow night I have to be in two places at once due to Milton Jones playing East Lulworth at the same time ABC are on the Castle Stage, then it gets worse as Blondie are playing the same time on Castle Stage as Jack Whitehall and the Comedy set are on the Big Top. Think we’re going to have to leave big girl in the big top while I leg it to see Blondie, not missing that for anything and seriously have to drool over Martin Fry – I have the albums, all of them for Blondie and ABC, omg I’m that old.

Then there’s the silent disco – I am so excited about that it’s silly.  You get headphones and select what music genre you want (I think) then you dance away to your own music, excellent.  You can play ‘spot the ones doing YMCA and Cliff Richard’, my only issue is that I tend to sing, very, very badly, and I wonder if anyone will notice.

Rob da Bank is doing the silent disco on sunday night – 1.30am-3am, I can’t remember seeing that time of night since the children were born, sad I know.

Then there’s the dancing stuff, salsa, Lindy hop, charleston – oooh I so want to do that, can you dance in walking boots? Will have to find out.

Ade Edmonson is also playing – really, really need to try and get an interview with him, wonder if he’s there with the kids, that would be fabulous to get him on air talking about food at festivals, or just controlling children at festivals.

The Gruffalo is also on stage – Oh no, it’s gruffalo! Yeay, I so want to see that, pity none of the children do they reckon they’re all way too old for it, I’m not!

Now, I’ve just had tip off that there is a chocolate and churros stand that does amazing coffee there – That’s first on my list for breakfast on Saturday, based on the concept that I’ve had some sleep, ear plugs and eye masks sorted for the children too so fingers crossed.