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Camp Bestival – preparations – last minute sagas

I knew the real reason for me going to Camp Bestival the day after my lovely  husband and small children is not just to bring extra supplies but to being all the items they’ve forgotten to put into the car….

1.  Small Boy’s dressing gown

2. Pillows – that would have been interesting

3. Regulator and tube to connect the camping stove up to the gas tank.  Am going to have a rant about this – the reg and tube doesn’t come with the camping stove or the gas tank.  I think this is really stupid as you need the bit in the middle to connect it all up.  The Camping shops (that sell the stoves) don’t sell the reg and tube because it’s July and they’re selling winter stuff now, you don’t go camping in winter so you have to buy these in December (aaaargh!).  The garden centres that sell the gas tanks don’t sell the regs and tubes as they come with the stoves and they don’t sell the stoves – they don’t come with the stoves, if they came with the stoves we wouldn’t have to buy them cos we’d  have one, (grrrr!) – end of rant. After trawling round DIY shops and camping shops we found one this morning at the local lawnmower shop – thank you Briants in Longwick.  OK that’s lateral thinking to blow your mind, who one earth would have thought of that one, my lovely husband in total desperation, that’s who.

It would be interesting writing about feeding the family at a festival without being to use the stove, if I cheated and we lived on takeaways some bright spark would clock us and tell everyone so we’d be found out.  It’s the same as when I’m in the fish and chip shop getting emergency food for the children as I have a 5 minute turn round to get them from school to Taekwondo or Judo and I always bump into someone who gleefully declares ‘ooooh, you’re in the chippy I’m going to tell, I thought you always cooked ALL your own food’.  Well, actually ‘no, I don’t’ not always, and ‘yes’ I do allow my children to eat rubbish frequently.

So at last they’re off, just had a text from medium sized girl asking if they could eat the coco pops bars and big bags of crisps that are supposed too be for breakfast and posh snacks for lunch on the way down.  Her Dad is driving so why is she texting me and not asking him?  She was told ‘no’ and to eat the packed lunch that I’d made for them.

One final piece of classic texting.  Our friend Grant is on his way with his two children, he sent a text this morning that made me laugh.  You have to remember that this is one 50 year old bloke to anther 50 year old bloke, this is so obtuse it’s brilliant…

“On the way, meet you in the skate park at 3pm, it’s totally awesome!’

Fantastic, all it needs is a tent to turn two grown blokes into little kids again – love it.



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