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Camp Bestival – packing

I had flashmic training today – no it doesn’t mean learning how to use a mic whilst wearing a dubious mac, the lovely Jason at Radio Oxford showed me how to turn it on, check levels, record and turn it off, bless him, he also checked that I had producer Cristina’s mobile in case I ran into difficulties with it.  I know I’m blonde, but it’s not that technical.  Hmm, probably shouldn’t have typed that, I’ll end up calling Cristina at a critical moment cos I can’t find the ‘on’ button.

Two children’s suitcases packed, halved the clothes that medium sized girl is taking and had meltdown over her iphone and conversations along the lines of :

‘you won’t have coverage’ – ‘you’re taking yours, you wouldn’t do that if there wasn’t coverage’

‘there’s  no way of charging it’ – ‘yes there is, there’s wifi and charging in the press tent’

‘you won’t need to call, text or email anyone’ – ‘my friends will want to know what I’m up to and it just CAN’T wait until Monday’.

‘well I’ll have to take my ipod instead’ – ‘you’re going to a music festival, there’s lots of live music, you won’t have time to listen to your ipod’

iphone has now been confiscated and hidden.

Small boys suitcase has been emptied of lego, DS games and pokemon cards so there is now room for more than 1 pair of pants in there plus other clothes. Had the conversation again about it being quicker just to wear the clothes he travels down in, sleep in them and just get straight up the next day, repeat until Monday – he’s taking at least 2 changes of clothing, under duress.

Haven’t tackled teenager’s bag, that’s for tomorrow after some sleep.

My packing – I’m not going down there until Friday morning so haven’t even thought about that, I’m on Radio Birmingham at 11.30 tomorrow morning on the lovely Joanne Mallin’s show, another coating of St Tropez to do tomorrow night and dogs to take to the Pet Nanny.  Bless them, they’re already unhappy as they’ve seen the suitcases so I have two stressed out labradors who will be howling at our bedroom door tonight being needy.

Had a lovely glass of wine in the garden this evening with my friend Jayne after she dropped back small boy and three lovely trout that her fab husband Alan had caught this afternoon.  It’s been very tempting to take the trout to Camp Bestival and cook them outside the tent with some fresh herbs and lemon juice but that really would be show off cooking, wouldn’t it?  So they’re going to have to go into the freezer until we get back, although Big Girl and I may have to share one tomorrow  night as it would be a shame not to.  Good excuse to use up the potatoes in the fridge, sauteed, and some fresh lettuce from the garden, lovely.


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