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Camp Bestival – Medieval Fancy Dress

I’ve just had an email from the PR company for Camp Bestival notifying me that that I have to be in fancy dress and the wonderful Smiffy’s fancy dress experts to the stars will have a costume waiting for me to collect on Friday – thought I’d get away with that one, obviously not!   So I’ve been looking through medieval costumes and figuring out what I would like.

Princess – only if I can have a pointy hat, but actually being Princess Fiona would be cool, just a little worried about being green all weekend without any decent means of getting the green stuff off especially a I’ve spent ages doing St Tropez.

Fever Princess – would this help me get an interview with Martin Fry of ABC?  Not really appropriate for a family festival though, although it does have a pointy hat.

monk – just imagine if ALL the blokes at the festival wore monk costumes, that could be cool,

tavern wench – actually that looks interesting,

Maid Marian – a litte boring methinks, although with a green wig it could be good

pirate – oooh, yes, going as a pirate, well that counts, they were around in medieval times weren’t they? History isn’t my strong point, maybe they were a little later?  Actually all the pirate costumes look cool, they’d go with my walking boots too. OK maybe that’s pushing a bit.

Maid – actually I quite like this one, a little ‘safe’ though.

Braveheart – this one appeals, alternatively you could hire a smurf outfit, put on a scottish accent and pretend that they sent you the wrong item – please, please any Scots out there don’t take offence, I just had a ‘moment’ and my son was watching the preview for the new Smurf movie and it appealed to my very sad sense of humour.

Sheriff of Nottingham – ooh, now this one appeals, not for wearing but for having Richard Armitage wear it – I so miss Robin Hood, it was a real treat on a Saturday evening.That would be so embarrassing if Richard Armitage is going Camp Bestival and he reads this

This is the costume I want to wear, it’s so cool, the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you know, the one where his arm gets chopped off  ’tis but a flesh wound’ one.  It’s fantastic – Smiffys if you have this one at Camp Bestival please can you keep one for me?

However, this one is the coolest of the cool, you can rent a proper suit of armour, the full thing, in metal it’s fab but not sure I’d want to walk from the tent to the site in it.

You could be totally obtuse and just go with a stuffed snake draped around your neck  as a python – ‘monty’ python and the Holy Grail or dressed a dragon, this time the dragon won and ate Saint George!

What are you going as?

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Monty Python Black Knight costume