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Camp Bestival – Friday – Insect Circus, Jousting, Food and Drink

The Insect Circus – oh wow, this was surreal, this show was in the kid’s field but it was one of those shows that really should be watched at around 5am when you’ve been up all night partying.  It’s a circus where the people are dressed as insects.  The highlights were Tallulah the worm charmer, she’d captured this massive great big worm, the head of which was the size of a human arm and she had it performing beautifully to her charm music.  Constance Courage and her Vespa Wasps were really scary, massive great beasts that she tamed a little like a lion tamer in a normal circus but without the safety cage, very brave.   I just hope that they have a licence to look after ferocious beasts like this, if they ever escaped into the audience I’m not sure what would happen, it’s a little too terrifying to consider.  From an insect welfare point of view they all seemed well looked after and well fed but you never know what goes on behind the scenes and I’d had to think of one of these creatures running away after being treated badly, where would it go?

Jousting – real horses, real jousting arena, real knights in shining armour (OK, so that’s pushing it a bit) but it was very exciting.  The theme for the weekend was Medieval and already the fancy dress costumes are starting to make an appearance.

Monkey Shoulder – best bar in the festival.  Out on a limb on the way back to the campsites, it was built like a treehouse, only cocktails on the menu, absolutely nothing for the children whatsoever but hey, they have a whole festival, you need something just for the adults.  This became one of our favourite places in the festival.  Pete and Grant discovered it on Thursday, from Friday it became the regular hangout for pre dinner drinks, pre show drinks and nightcaps.


Supper – porchini risotto, heavenly.  Sitting in a campsite with not a shower block or hot water for miles (we brought shedloads of hygiene gel and wet wipes) eating risotto was amazing.  Children had spag bol so they were happy.