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Camp Bestival – Friday – Ed Sheeran, Secret Concert

Can it get any better than this, wasp taming at the Insect Circus, jousting with real knights in shining armour (let me dream please), Interview with Martin Fry in ABC, then a tip off in the Press Tent that Ed Sheeran was performing a secret session in the Dingly Dell – the woods at the back of the site, lit up with fairy lights, at 8.30pm.

Wow, oh wow.  Acoustic session, Ed’s amazing voice and he’s right in front of us, you can see from the photo.  There were around 60 people there when we arrived, probably around 100 at the end, it was like he was there in your back garden, the most amazing moment.  Ed chatted with the audience about the stories behind the songs, they got very personal at times, bless him and he sang 4 new songs that are planned for his new album, not yet recorded.  He did say that we could film but begged us NOT to put them on YouTube, I just hope that everyone else realises what a special, once in a lifetime, moment this was and doesn’t wreck it by putting it on YouTube.

At the end of the session he played a classic Irish tune as a farewell, beautiful.

Our friend’s small boy, realised half way through that the bloke he was standing in front of was non other than Labyrinth! That made his day too.

Ed Sheeran's secret session in the Dingly Dell