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Camp Bestival Food – for coeliacs too

Camping Food for Camp Bestival plus gluten free options for our coeliac friend

Last 24 hours before setting of to Camp Bestival @campbestival #campbestival, Pete’s on his way to Go Outdoors to get last minute camping stuff and we haven’t even thought about packing.  Still finishing off unpacking from Kos last week so I have that to do before I can start cooking.

The learning from last year is to copy my friend Grant, who will have been planning food and packing for weeks, if not months, and will have gone down to the ‘nth’ degree with detail.  My approach is somewhat different, basically last minute panic.  I started planning last night what we were going to eat and then Big Girl announced that her friend who’s coming with us is coeliac.  So new plans on what to cook that are suitable for coeliacs.

Currently the plan is:

Breakfast – croissants, pain au chocolate and cereal, probably some nice granola too and berries.  Freeze milk and juice tonight.  Bacon butties, freeze bacon and take homemade ketchup and English muffins, gluten free ones too

Lunch – eat out on site (my favourite meal of the day)


Thursday – Grant’s cooking  (yeay)

Friday – Fajitas, I’ll cook the chicken today and freeze it so it can slowly defrost in the portable fridge overnight and then reheat on the stove.  Guacamole, refried beans, grated cheese and gluten free wraps

Saturday – Eating out

Sunday – I was thinking of doing a root veg korma but have seen sense and will take some gluten free pasta and jars of sauces such as pesto, grated parmesan, black pepper and some garlic flatbreads and margarita pizza (no meat as it won’t stay cold enough until Sunday and will be health risk).  Flatbreads and pizza can be reheated in the frying pan on the stove and finished off under the grill and maybe I’ll do some roast veg too.

Other Essentials

Show of gadget of the weekend has got to be my Myspressi, the handheld espresso machine that uses nitogren capsules, the ultimate camping accessory

Cake  – lemon drizzle, chocolate cake, peach and frangipane tart (to go with the espressos in the morning – show off camping food) and an M&S gluten free frangipane tray back to do gluten free version with sliced fresh peaches and flapjack with gluten free oats.

Olives, crisps and pistachios.

Wine – in cartons as no glass allowed on site, has to be red as no way you can keep white cold, I wonder if you can freeze it…..maybe I’ll try and report back.

OK off to Waitrose and M&S…….

*Stop Press* – just found vacuum packed refried beans in M&S, not sure how they taste but easier and lighter to carry than a tin.