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Buckinghamshire Bake-Off

With just over a week to go everyone at Beverley Glock Towers is frantically pulling the plans together; writing up judging guidelines; sorting out the amazing prizes that have been donated; liaising with judges; sorting goodies out for the goody bags; sticking posters up; handing out flyers; trying to figure out how much parking space we’ll need on the day; measuring up for marquees; making bunting; concentrating on being calm; so ‘not’ being calm and lots of other things.

It’s easy for you, all you have to do is complete the entry form on line, bake something delicious and rock up on the day to present your exquisite baked goods – no soggy bottoms please! All the entries will be anonymous so you can run away and have a cup of tea and cake (of course there will be cake) in The Potting Shed while the judges taste, appreciate and coo over your lovely homemade cakes and biscuits making the hardest decision of all, which are the winners.

There is no pressure, no cooking on the day, no charming ladies encouraging you to ‘cream’ properly or chaps hovering criticising your ‘rubbing in’ method, you do all that at home with no one watching and bring your lovely cakes and biscuits along on the day.

Please enter on line so we know how many entries we have in each category, if you turn up on the day without entering we’ll still accept your entries but you won’t get one of our lovely goody bags as we won’t know you’re coming so won’t have made you one up, sorry, but there’s the incentive to enter on line.  You don’t have to pay anything until the day, just fill out your details and which categories you want to enter.

If you’d like some ideas about flavours and recipes then you can download my APP, Cupcakes, Muffins and Afternoon Tea at the iTunes store for iPad.  Alternatively there are lots of recipes for cakes and biscuits on my website too and on my YouTube channel

So go on, press the button, have a go, you’ll get a goody bag at the very least and meet some fabulous foodie people too.