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Birthday breakfast in bed and Thai noodle soup supper

It’s my birthday, haven’t yet decided how old I’m going to be, I figure that when you reach 30 you get to choose from then on, so maybe this year I’ll be 34 as that’s the age one of the children at my Saturday Morning cooking club said he thought I was – its good enough for Alex so it’s good enough for me.

Breakfast in bed was served by my two youngest children.  OK it was after i’d been up for an hour getting big girl off to school first and had my first coffee.  I had to dash back into bed before I was discovered.  This was my kind of breakfast.  A lovely skinny latte with the biggest box of chocolates on the side.  Well, that’s you have skimmed milk isn’t it?  So you can eat the chocolates to go with them and not feel guilty.  Hmmm, didn’t work, still have 6 pounds to get off from Christmas, so restricted myself to one chocolate, boy was I good.

Off to the woods for a long walk with chocolate labrador, to work of the chocolate, three big female red deer ran across our paths, fortunately our labrador has also put on weight after Christmas and couldn’t catch them, bless him. I could pretend that it’s my training but that would a blatant fib.

Back home, changed off to Marlow for lunch at the lovely Thai Square restaurant and a bit of shopping for my present from my husband, he figured it was safer than spending the day taking back the presents he’d got me that didn’t fit or i didn’t like.  Actually it worked really well.

Managed to get in another 5 recipes for my book and then tied in recipe development with supper.  For small children it was poached chicken, poached in chicken stock with steamed veg and wraps for small boy who loves wraps.  For medium sized girl I cooked some pasta in the poaching liquor and she had that with the poached chicken and veg.  Big girl and us oldies went for a very easy option.

I have some grilled chilli oil left over from a Thai Workshop in November, it keeps for ages so no worries there.  So working on 250ml of chicken stock each with a tablespoon of this grilled chili oil each this went into a pan, threw in a couple of lemon grass, bashed and cut in two, a few Kaffir lime leaves that I have stored in the freezer and two tablespoons of fish sauce, handful of peas and sugar snaps and a bag of frozen king prawns, 2 noodle nests for good measure and 5 minutes later we had supper, finished off with the juice of a lemon.  Heavenly.

Back in the office tomorrow to try and catch up as well as bury myself behind the computer to write more recipes, then Friday I’m guesting on the 9 o’clock show on Three Counties Radio, yeay.