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Beverley’s stress-free Christmas Classes and Dems

Beverley’s fabulous selection of courses and demonstrations are designed to ease you through Christmas.  From Edible Christmas Gifts to cut down on your expenditure to Christmas Leftovers, delicious recipes for cold turkey.

Friday 22 November our Christmas kicks off at Beverley Glock Cookery School with our Christmas Pudding workshop.  We provide the ingredients, bowls and muslim and your only decision is whether to make a classic pudding or a chocolate and ginger version.  £25 per person with a few spaces left.

Wednesday 27 November from 7.30-9.30pm is  An AGA Christmas , a feast of Christmas food  in Beverley’s beautiful farmhouse kitchen.  £25 per person which includes plonk and funny little foodie things bit like canapes but friendlier and more down to earth. If you don’t have an AGA don’t worry, the recipes will all be in normal cooker language too, it will be an evening of tips, food, good company and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Tuesday 3 December from 7.30-9.30pm is Beverley’s Christmas Leftovers dem at Season’s Farm Shop in North Dean.  I know we haven’t eaten Christmas lunch yet but this will help you decide on your shopping as Beverley’s yummy recipes will help you plan your dishes from Boxing day onwards

Friday 13 December from 10am-2.30pm Cooking Ahead for Christmas.  Beverley will help you plan the run up to your fabulous Christmas lunch with cook ahead dishes and heaps of tips to save time on the day so you can enjoy opening pressies.

Saturday 14 December from 10am-1pm is your chance to deliver your children to Beverley for and Edible Christmas Gifts workshop at £37.50 each and escape for a morning to do last minute shopping, wrapping, facial or just go and have a coffee and a couple of hours peace and quiet (OK maybe a little too far-fetched that one).  The children will make lovely edible gifts for friends and family, also cutting down on the shopping you have to do.

Tuesday 17 December from 10am-2pm is the grown up version of Edible Christmas Gifts at £50 each, all the gifts will keep until Christmas helping to stress out of any more shopping.

For fabulous foodie Christmas gifts  we have a range of different priced Gift Vouchers for the cookery school and for children our Children’s Cookery Programme is a year long foodie gift for children aged 6 upwards with different recipes for older children.