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Beverley’s new show on BBC Radio Oxford

Really, really excited, I’ve got my own show on BBC Radio Oxford starting on Friday 20 May.  Yeay, however, I have been restricted to 45 minutes – someone’s just asked me how I’m going to talk for 45 minutes, the question really is how am I going to stop talking after 45 minutes?

My new show ‘Feeding the Family’ runs from 1pm-1.45pm monthly and it will be interactive so please call with your views, ideas, foodie tips, food issues, stories, whatever, i’d love to hear from you.  I’m also thinking about who I’d like on the show as guests so again let me know who you would like to hear from and about what, as long as it’s relating to ‘feeding the family’ and I’ll see what I can do.

BBC radio oxford is available on 95.2FM or via BBC iPlayer.