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Baking Cakes on a Campsite

Yes it can be done, I’ve done it and have the photos to prove it.

Take one basic cupcake mix, or muffin, or whatever recipe and flavour you like.  Make up the recipe as per the instructions, probably using a wooden spoon as you may not have electricity if you are proper camping.  As much as I love my KitchenAid I think my husband would have a hissy fit if I even suggested taking it camping, although, there’s an idea, how cool would that be.  Total show off cooking in the wild experience, can you imagine the comments going round the campsite when you rig up your KitchenAid, maybe I’ll try that just to see what happens (snigger).

Anyway, based on not taking your mixer with you, make sure you cream the butter and sugar thoroughly then make up the recipe as usual.

You probably won’t have a muffin tray with you – no don’t go and reach for one, you don’t need it!  You do need baking parchment and tin foil.

Cut 12 squares of parchment 16cm square and 12 circles of tinfoil about the size of a dinner plate, around 25cm diameter .  Scrunch up the tinfoil cases around a mug to form a ‘cake case’, grease these and line with the square of parchment, repeat with the rest of the foil and parchment.  Split cake mix equally between the ‘cases’ and place on a tray on the shelf of the barbeque.  Close the lid and leave them for 10 mins, check if they’re done by inserting a skewer, if it comes out clean they’re done, if not cook for another couple of minutes.  You may need to keep checking them and moving them around as it’s difficult to regulate the temperature of a barbeque.  Once they’re cooked, remove, leave to cool, ice and eat.

I made these for my daughter’s birthday when we were on holiday in France, they were great but I did attract crowds on the campsite as word got round really quickly and everyone wanted to see how I was making them.

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Cupcakes cooked on a barbeque

, facebook a photo to let me see how they turn out.