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Back on my bike – Kop Hill is mine

Back on my bike after nasty crash the other week, still have large lump on my shin but everything else back to normal.  So third time out this year and starting to get really panicky about losing half a stone to look half way decent in shorts, yes I love maxi dresses but refuse to live in them. Last two rides have been on the flat, so today I’m going for the hills.

Decided not to go straight up Kop Hill, that’s for next week (yeah right), and went the long way round up by the Pink and Lily Pub.  Two rests to get breath back while chanting “I will never eat chocolate, cake, biscuits and crisps ever again” and thinking that I will never get this flabby and unfit ever again, i got to the top of the Chilterns without walking, getting off and got my heart beat down fairly quickly.  So, a bit chuffed about, still flabby but can’t be that unfit, YES!

The coming down was brilliant, must get my garmin on charge so I can get a definite speed but reckon I hit 30 mph at least, maybe 40mph at one downhill part before I chickened out and hit the brake.  Highest speed ever was when Pete and I were doing the Polaris in Wales, days before children on our off road tandem and we hit 70kph, I was on the back with my eyes closed praying, but that was a while ago, not sure that 70kph is in miles, around 55 mph I think.

Brilliant ride in the sunshine, still chanting “I will never eat chocolate, cake, crisps and biscuits ever again” but feeling good.  The only downside was on the way back on the main road a bloke in a red Landrover Discovery flashed his lights at me, I thought stupidly that he was using them for their correct purpose, ie. to warn me of a hazard.  I did think that if he was warning me of a speed trap that he was a little ambitious in his judgement of my speed but maybe he was impressed, until I realised that he was giving my a really rude hand signal.  Obviously a reflection of his mental age and IQ, I am female and I do not have the parts on my anatomy to do what his hand signal suggested.  I love landrovers, can we please ban anyone with a mental age of under 5 or an IQ of sub 70driving them.  German shepherd dogs have an IQ of around 70, this chap was an insult to these lovely dogs as they are obviously brighter but not allowed to drive landrovers.