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Aphrodisiac Foods – The Bucks Show

I’m filming for The Bucks Show on Thursday morning.  Richard has asked me to do a piece on aphrodisiac foods and Sam is out shopping for oysters for Richard and Janine to try.  I’m off shopping tomorrow to source some other interesting foods too, but you’ll have to watch the show to find out more.

We’ve had one of those texting days and it’s all gone pearshaped due to me trying to be facetious.

Text came in from Sam at BucksTV asking me if I would be around tomorrow so she can drop off the fresh oysters so i can ‘dress’ them or whatever I do with oysters.  I texted back saying that would be great and that I thought evening dress and long gloves would look lovely……meaning on the oysters….come on, keep up, it’s not that difficult.

Well, Sam took it that I meant I’d be wearing evening dress so she’s only gone and told Richard and Janine to come dressed in full black tie and ball gowns on Thursday, by the time I realised what was going on and texted back that I meant the oysters getting dressed up and not me and I was just being facetious it was too late.  Richard now thinks this is a great idea and I have the opportunity to sample what it must be like to be invited to the Oscars and be in full evening dress at 11am on Thursday morning.  School drop off and dog walking will be interesting!